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Updates on previous entries for Dec 24, 2009*

posted by Jason Kottke   Dec 25, 2009

The case of the missing Wired writer orig. from Aug 27, 2009
Orson Welles doesn’t like Rosebud orig. from Dec 11, 2009
Media packaging mashups orig. from Apr 22, 2009
Why shoot a gun with a side grip? orig. from Dec 17, 2009
The world’s fastest knife orig. from May 18, 2005
NASA is a middle-aged baby boomer dad orig. from Dec 18, 2009
What’s the deal with fish oil? orig. from Dec 16, 2009
Selling Wants to buy Haves orig. from Dec 16, 2009
Growing Up Heroes orig. from Dec 21, 2009
A PayPal horror story orig. from Dec 23, 2009

* Q: Wha? A: These previously published entries have been updated with new information in the last 24 hours. You can find past updates here.