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Daring Fireball, Talking Points Memo, Technologizer, and Macworld recently posted some information about what operating systems and browsers their readers are using. Here’s the report for

OS statistics

OSNow6 mo1 yr1.5 yr2 yr2.5 yrAll-time

The general trends are obvious here. Mac usage among readers has risen โ€” over the past year in particular โ€” while Windows usage has fallen by the same amount. Forty percent of all readers now use a Mac.

The adoption rate of Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) by readers is less than that of Daring Fireball readers. Of Mac users who visit, 47.4% are on 10.5, 34.4% are on 10.6, 8.1% on 10.4, 4.0% on 10.4 (PPC) and 3.7% on 10.5 (PPC). Among Windows visitors, 61.9% are still using XP compared to 32.6% on Vista.

Browser statistics

BrowserNow6 mo1 yr1.5 yr2 yr2.5 yrAll-time

The numbers for Firefox and IE are falling while Safari and Chrome usage are surging. The Safari nummbers are surprising to me…Safari is not a new browser but its usage by readers has increased by more than 60% in the past year. I predict Chrome will surge in the next 12 months to overtake IE.

Two miscellaneous things

1. Google is ruling the search space more than ever. 93.2% of the incoming search traffic to comes from Google. That’s up from 91.2% a year ago and 83.7% two years ago (!!). Bing is second with 3.4% (MSN and Live combined for 5% two years ago) and Yahoo is a very sad third at 1.5% (they were at 6.9% two years ago).

2. Twitter now accounts for 2.9% of all traffic to while Facebook is 0.9%. That’s understandable considering I invest a lot of time on Twitter and almost none on Facebook. For reference, StumbleUpon is at 6.5% and incoming Google search traffic is 25.5%.