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I’m here to interview you, who are you?

For an interview with Gerard Butler (aka the head Spartan in 300), Esquire sent Cal Fussman in cold. He was given an address and a first name and told to go get the story.

We agree that the balcony upstairs is the best spot. There’s a magnificent view of L. A. Gerry hits a button and an awning lowers. His assistant, who has the aura of someone who could be running a Fortune 500 company, sets down a fruit plate and some water.

“Whatever you do, I get the impression that you do it well.”

Gerry seems not to comprehend that I truly don’t know what he does.

“I went more for the energy than for something big and bombastic. It was great when my mom came over and stood on the balcony. The boy did good.”

Just then, a small gift balloon that says MOM rises directly in front of us, out above the trees.

“Where the fuck did that balloon come from?” he says. “I’ve had some of the craziest synchronicities in my life.”

“Where are you from?”

“You don’t even know where I’m from. This is unbelievable.”

By his own admission, Fussman “really hadn’t seen many movies” before six months ago. There’s something a touch New Journalism about this interview…or perhaps it’s just the opposite.