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Tropicana’s poor redesign kills sales

In the month and a half after the awful redesign of their packaging, sales of Tropicana’s Pure Premium orange juice dropped 20%. !!! Same juice, different package, 20% fewer sales.

Tropicana had certainly sought to create excitement around the Pure Premium rebrand, announcing Jan. 8 a “historic integrated-marketing and advertising campaign … designed to reinforce the brand and product attributes, rejuvenate the category and help consumers rediscover the health benefits they get from drinking America’s iconic orange-juice brand.”

Who knows what the proper conclusions are to draw from all this. Did sales drop because glancing shoppers couldn’t tell Tropicana from a generic store brand? Does this underscore the importance of good design? Or should we beware of what seems like good design but turns out to be a bunch of metaphorical subterfuge? Did PepsiCo do this on purpose, a la the New Coke conspiracy? Are people stupid because they focus more on orange juice packaging than the actual juice when making buying decisions? (via df)