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Sean Connery enjoys Bond films

I’m fascinated by The Buzz Board on The Daily Beast. It’s basically famous people recommending things: movies, books, music. The recommendations aren’t all that useful except in the aggregate as a lens into what celebrities think about the culture they help create.

Chloe Sevigny really enjoyed Let the Right One In. “Vampire pictures are one of my favorite genres.”

Peter Sarsgaard: “Gomorrah. It’s just the best fucking movie.”

Sienna Miller: “Frost/Nixon is great. It’s well-directed and well-acted.”

Michael Caine: “30 Rock is the smartest show on television. Tina [Fey] is absolutely brilliant.”

Heather Matarazzo: “My girlfriend and I love Jennifer Garner; she’s gorgeous. There is no hotter woman on TV.”

Sean Connery: “I am a big fan of action movies and I really enjoyed the last couple of Bond Films. Quantum of Solace in particular was very good and had excellent cinematography to keep up with the pace.”

Harvey Weinstein: “Monsters vs. Aliens […] was a lot of fun and a great story.”

Scarlett Johansson: “I love the Road Food website […] I was surprised to see my close proximity to one of the best turkey clubs I’ve ever had!”

Martha Stewart: “I’m looking forward to the second season of The Tudors.”

And still my favorite, from Natalie Portman: “Ilili is the best Middle Eastern food in New York. I dream about their Brussels sprouts.”