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Refresh (p)age

A refreshing take on aging, from across the pond, as expressed by 74-year-old Agnes McGroarty:

When Agnes - who already has an MP3 player - went into a music shop to ask about iPods, a young sales assistant couldn’t have been more helpful.

She joked: “It may come as a surprise to some that someone my age has a Bose sound system and MP3 player instead of a gramophone. I think older people should challenge attitudes and we should all have respect for individuals, whatever their age.”

Nowadays, it’s quite likely that grandma and grandpa will be updating their status updates on Facebook during their games of Bingo. There are even email services available to connect tech-savvy seniors with Internet penpals across the globe.

A less friendly view comes from Tremendosaur, who believes that it’s win, lose, or draw when it comes to Old People vs. Technology.