Comprehensive 2008 election round-up

posted by Jason Kottke   Dec 02, 2008

Created as a time capsule for future netizens, this gigantic list of reactions, analysis, and opinion surrounding the 2008 US Presidential election is amazing.

I wanted to create something to look at a couple years from now to remember the election and hopefully present a good representation of what both sides of America were feeling on that day as evidenced by the response in the press and on the blogs. I didn’t capture everything, though I’ve certainly tried

Included are lots of videos, links to articles, reactions from the author’s friends, and even Facebook status messages as the election results rolled in, covering a nice cross-section of citizens from top politicians to the big media, to blogs, to normal people celebrating on the streets. However, I have a feeling that due to linkrot, much of this may not even be available online.