posted by Jason Kottke   Nov 14, 2008

Thanks to this week’s kottke.org RSS sponsor, 20x200, a site that sells limited edition art for low prices…it’s “art for everyone”. Each week the site features two pieces of new art for sale in small-sized editions of 200 for $20, medium-sized editions of 20 for $200, and large-sized editions of 2 for $2000. This is real art — all prints come with a certificate signed and numbered by the artist — for about the same as you would spend for a poster or wall decoration at Target or Ikea.

The best way to enjoy 20x200 is to sign up for the newsletter or follow the site’s RSS feed and when something you like comes along, nab it. My wife and I have bought a few things from 20x200 this way, most recently a special edition $50 print of 132 Birds at The American Museum of Natural History by Jason Polan.