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Walking desks

posted by Jason Kottke   Sep 18, 2008

Some people now work at walking desks, standing-height desks outfitted with treadmills.

To the uninitiated, work-walking sounds like a recipe for distraction. But devotees say the treadmill desks increase not only their activity but also their concentration. “I thought it was ridiculous until I tried it,” said Ms. Krivosha, 49, a partner in the law firm of Maslon Edelman Borman & Brand. Ms. Krivosha said it is tempting to become distracted during conference calls, but when she is exercising, she listens more intently. “Walking just takes care of the A.D.D. part,” she said.

One work-walker lost 16 pounds doing two hours of work-walking over a two-month period.

Update: Walking desk + addictiveness of World of Warcraft = 100 pound weight loss. Of course, he estimates that he gained 60-70 pounds playing Warcraft and eating Hot Tamales. (thx, johan)

Update: Walking desk footage on YouTube. (via get fit slowly)