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Squirt gun battles on the streets of NYC

posted by Jason Kottke   Sep 29, 2008

On the streets of New York City, a (squirt) gun battle rages.

“I told my doorman that if he sees anyone suspicious with a water pistol, then he’s not to let them in the building,” Mr. Deane said. He shaved the beard he wore for the picture his pursuer is carrying. He is considering borrowing a wheelchair to use as part of a disguise. By Friday evening, he had logged four kills; he was one of 16 players left. “I’ve been walking around like a crazy person,” he said, “wondering when they’re going to get me.” His wife, who works promoting nightclubs, is very patient about the whole thing.

Oh, and people use umbrellas as shields! The final day of StreetWars is today. (Tried to work in a “don’t make me go all Evian on your ass” joke but failed. (Or did I?))