Hasta Lasagna

posted by Cliff Kuang   Jun 02, 2008

So Jason K., the man, the myth, is, as I write, crossing the Atlantic in one single bound, on his way back from merry olde England. Which means that I am going back to my long, cryogenic sleep, to dream about the finer things in life, such as Angela Lansbury’s sexuality, dinosaur bones, lasers, and circuses. It’s been fun while it’s lasted. Many thanks to all of you kind enough to write in with nice things to say about my run, and thanks especially to JK. Until next time, I’ll be at my own, slightly ruder blog, Delicious Ghost (which is dedicated to oddities and visual culture), and sundry other dead-tree places. Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reachin’ for the stars.

Update: Thanks, Cliff…it’s good to be home. And thanks for more than holding down the fort while I was away…I enjoyed reading kottke.org in my absence. -jkottke