Gramercy Park

posted by Jason Kottke   Jun 23, 2008

NY Times article about Gramercy Park, one of NYC’s two private parks, and Arlene Harrison, the self-styled “mayor” of the park.

Since Ms. Harrison started the Gramercy Park Block Association in 1994, after her son was attacked and beaten up in front of their apartment building at 34 Gramercy Park, she has effectively remade the area in her own image.

She has added to a list of regulations (no dogs, no feeding of birds, no groups larger than six people, no Frisbees or soccer balls or “hard balls” of any kind) that, in turn, have served to dictate how the park is - and is not - used. Most recently, she helped pave the way for Zeckendorf Realty to redevelop a 17-story Salvation Army boarding house on the south side of the park, and for the company’s plan to convert the 300 rooms into 14 floor-through apartments plus a penthouse duplex. The company would not confirm the transaction.

What a bunch of elitist horseshit. Ms. Harrison sounds like a Grade A wanker. (via anil)