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Mech dog vs. dog

posted by Cliff Kuang   May 29, 2008

I always try to stay away from linking to Boing Boing, because they’re so huge you’ve probably already seen whatever it is. But check out this video of dogs reacting to a mechanical toy dog. It’s amazing: Dogs experience the uncanny valley too! The dog might be utterly toy-like to us, but you can tell from the dog’s expression that it’s startled and confused by the likeness—maybe even horrified. I wonder if apes also experience the uncanny valley with something like this. To all you primatologists: Please try this. I bet Wowee would sponsor it. Give me a heads up (cliffkuang @ gmail.com) and I’ll write a piece about it.

Update: Hilarious clip from the most amazing show on TV, 30 Rock, explaining the Uncanny Valley. (thx, Michael)) “Salieri?” “No thank you. I already ate.”