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Ideas blog

posted by Cliff Kuang   May 29, 2008

A fun premise: A blog dedicated to pipe-dream ideas, broadcast for anyone to pursue. (Though I’m not sure how gratifying it would be to pursue someone else’s pipe dream? What does that make you?) A representative example:

Was at a reading in an art gallery last night and while checking out their lighting set-up I had an idea for a way to do an art show. Hang the work like normal, but, instead of the normal lighting, the gallery should be as near to total dark as possible. When visitors arrive to view the work, they are given miner’s helmets with forehead flashlights on them. I can picture the beams moving about the gallery, the pieces with more than one viewer lighting up with more light, the show’s overall visibility shifting and changing with the way the viewer’s line of sight changes.

The Believer used to have a similar sort of column, with submissions from various literary types. Not sure if they still do, but it was fun when I last saw it.

(via Swiss Miss)