Starcade was an 80s TV game show

posted by Jason Kottke   Apr 25, 2008

Starcade was an 80s TV game show where contestants competed against each other on various arcade games like Joust, Burgertime, Dragon’s Lair, and Mr. Do. I watched it whenever I could and now they’ve put 15 full episodes online for your viewing pleasure. I found this on the Secret Fun Blog, written by the Vice-President of the official Starcade Fan Club.

On a Spring morning Brad showed up to homeroom with the crazed look of inspiration on his face. He erupted into babble and I sensed that he’d been waiting many hours to unload his revelation upon me. It was something about Starcade, and a club, and titles and duties, and other foreign concepts. I patronizingly agreed to his wishes and I even signed something. It was a letter…