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Single Serving Sites

Lately I’ve noticed a pattern of people building Single Serving Sites, web sites comprised of a single page with a dedicated domain name and do only one thing. Here are a few examples:

Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle showcases all the lovely things that the presidential candidate has done for you.

Sometimes Red, Sometimes Blue. Sometimes the page is read, sometimes it is blue.

Check out Is Lost a Repeat? if you need to know if the upcoming episode of Lost is a rerun.

D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y helps you spell definitely correctly.

Now you can find out quickly from anywhere in the city or world: What Color Is the Empire State Building?

Khaaan! The classic William Shatner and his rage!

Is It Christmas? (thx, michael & andy)

Misanthropebook, a Facebook parody.

Status page for the overburdened microsocial site: Is Twitter Down? (thx, kevin)

Find out, Are We At War With Iran? (thx, kevin)

The Abe Vigoda status page. Currently alive. (thx, peter)

Gods Damn It, a Battlestar Galactica in-joke.

You can do anything at (thx, edward)

The classic You’re The Man Now Dog! (thx, jordan)

Purple has a FAQ page but it’s a SSS in spirit. (thx, mike)

Oh, it’s Yet Another Useless Web Site. (thx, mike)

You Sneezed! blesses you.

Use Is Paris In Jail Right Now? to see if Ms. Hilton is a free woman or not. (thx, lex)

Are you tired? Tell them why. (thx, kathi)

Am I Awesome? Very. (thx, jared)

Hypnotoad! (thx, chris)

Fuck the Sound, which is, I’m told, “IRC quotes (some NSFW) by an Autechre fanboy from Romania”. (thx, huphtur)

Gentle advice to those who ask dumb questions: Just Fucking Google It. (thx, michael)

Do websites need to look exactly the same in every browser?

It’s not Lupus, it’s never Lupus. Some House-related thing? (thx, sharelle)

Beth Cherry keeps a single page blog with no archives. (thx, malcolm)

We Need More Lemon Pledge. Not sure what this is. (thx, zach)

From the same person: Illegal Tender Terms of Service and These are the rules.

No Time For Love, Dr. Jones. Indy, you scoundrel. (thx, wade)

And several more: Is It Tuesday?, The Internet Fire Log, Let’s Turn This Fucking Website Yellow, iiiiiiii, Instant Rimshot, It Will Never Be the Same, Thank You Andy Warhol, Free Bill Stickers, raquo, The Last Page of the Internet, Thanks Ants, Is The Apple Store Down?, What Is My IP?, Hillary Clinton Is Your New Bicycle, John McCain Is Your New Bicycle, Michelle Obama Is Your New Bicycle, The Daily Nice, Defiant Dog, Hillary Clinton Is Your New HD DVD Player, and Spinning Beach Ball of Death.

Update: Ha! Alright, this got outta hand in a hurry. There are like 400 emails in my inbox, each with several Single Serving Site suggestions. I quickly went through them all, pulled out the notable ones, and called it good. Thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions.