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PETA — that’s People for the Ethical

PETA — that’s People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — recently revealed that in 2006, they put to death more than 97 percent of the cats, dogs, and other animals they took in for adoption.

The scale of PETA’s hypocrisy is simply staggering.

And somehow that seems like an understatement. (via wider angle)

Update: This press release was put out by the Center for Consumer Freedom, a group that holds some questionable views:

The Center for Consumer Freedom has drawn criticism from several groups for its startup funding from the Philip Morris tobacco company. It has been described as an astroturf group that portrays itself as a grassroots organization while actually being funded by the fast food, meat, and tobacco industries. It is also criticized its efforts to portray groups such as the Humane Society of the United States as “violent” and “extreme”, and for its opposition to banning the use of trans fats. The group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has also campaigned against the CCF’s validity as a non-profit tax exempt charitable organization, filing an IRS complaint in 2004 attacking CCF’s claims that its advocacy campaigns were “educational” in nature. Some corporations, including PepsiCo and Kraft Foods, have declined to work with CCF, saying they do not agree with some of the group’s arguments or its approach to advocacy.

A factsheet on PETA’s site says they are in favor of animal euthanasia is some cases.

Because of the high number of unwanted companion animals and the lack of good homes, sometimes the most humane thing that a shelter worker can do is give an animal a peaceful release from a world in which dogs and cats are often considered “surplus” and unwanted. PETA, The American Veterinary Medical Association, and The Humane Society of the United States concur that an intravenous injection of sodium pentobarbital administered by a trained professional is the kindest, most compassionate method of euthanizing animals. The American Humane Association considers this to be the only acceptable method of euthanasia for cats and dogs in animal shelters.

Some other stuff I read online indicated that PETA rescues pets who were going to be euthanized under inhumane circumstances in order to provide them with more compassionate deaths. A complicated situation, to be sure…not sure what to think. (thx, gwen, chris, and jason)