Oof, I so hate to go out

posted by Choire Sicha Jan 18, 2008

Oof, I so hate to go out here with a whimper rather than a bang, but I'm BEAT. The jig is up! The thing about not having a job is that 1. You will take any and all irregular work that comes your way, and 2. You then have to do it until it's done, no matter what ("what" being "3 a.m." or "dental work" or even "laziness"). Plus I gotta get up in the morning and drive to South Carolina. Hellloooo, Mr. Obama! Thanks so much to Mr. Kottke for letting me muddy up his rec room this week—it was a good reboot for me, and also it didn't drive away all the readers, each of whom seems, judging from the inbox, particularly lovely and intelligent and amusing and polite. So yay you! Your reward is that your regularly-scheduled programming returns shortly.

Update: Thanks, Choire! Enjoy your time with Mr. Obama in SC. -jkottke