Alex Goldberg, 14-yo urban hustler, has parleyed

posted by Jason Kottke   Dec 10, 2007

Alex Goldberg, 14-yo urban hustler, has parleyed his chutzpah into free clothes, celebrity friends, and courtside Knicks seats.

Next up: Jamie Foxx. The actor was near the bar, giving a woman a massage, and saw the crowd now gathered around Alex. Foxx offered to buy him a drink. What do you want, little boy? "A pina colada," Alex said. The crowd laughed, and he got one, virgin.

Alex's adventure ended hours later, at Nobu, where the pool crowd had migrated to feast on junket sushi. He had been chatting up Venus and Serena Williams at a nearby table, and mugging for cameras with a cigar hanging from his lips while eating a bowl of ice cream. Then the faces at his table went blank. Alex looked up and saw what they saw. His mother.