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BREAKING NEWS!!! The newest version of Desktop

posted by Jason Kottke   Jun 22, 2007

BREAKING NEWS!!! The newest version of Desktop Tower Defense is out. My afternoon (and yours) is shot.

Update: New features include new Fun modes (Trickle- 1 creep per second, Random creeps), new Challenge mode (15 towers max). I’m on the scene, more as I have it.

Update: One new tower: ink tower, which has a minimum and maximum range and one new creep, a dark creep which I don’t yet know how to kill (it seems to repel a lot of different attacks). My initial impression is that a lot of the changes make the game more complex but not necessarily more fun to play. Much more research is clearly warranted.

Update: It’s also got in-game advertising…the little “K”s on some of the creeps refer to kongregate.com, a sponsor of the game. Blech. (Or maybe it’s good that you can shoot advertisements?)