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Psychology of the Wii and PS3

Of all the news over the past few days about the launches of Sony’s PS3 and Nintendo’s Wii, the most interesting has been the differing responses of the people waiting to purchase the different consoles. While the launch of the PS3 was marred by violence (people robbed of their PS3s in mall parking lots, crowds trampling people in a mad rush for games, police needing to quiet unruly crowds waiting to buy with pepper bullets, etc.), the launch of the Wii was peaceful, with no reports of violence that I can find. This comment on Digg is typical of the sentiment I’ve seen expressed online about the two groups of fans:

Try working at a Circuit City… went in for a 7am meeting and got badgered by the losers. I have to say the “wii-tards” were much more tame than the “ps three-tards.”

There are several obvious reasons for the PS3 violence: the PS3 was possibly more anticipated, their initial supply was more limited than that of the Wii, and the machine is more expensive. But the difference in reaction also has something to do with the goals of each company in regard to their respective systems and the types of people each system tends to attract. Nintendo is focused on play and fun: the Wii is the fun system…about people of all ages enjoying the process of playing games. The PS3 is more about competition, who wins, who loses, and who frags the most enemies in the most spectacular fashion; cutthroat survival of the fittest. These are generalizations of course, but I find it interesting that the Nintendo gamers, who are attracted to play and fun, didn’t cause as much trouble as the PS3 fans, who are more into competition.

Update: On the other hand, a report from last night in line at the Nintendo store in Manhattan:

After we had waited in line for almost two hours, Nintendo World closed the store early (at 5:30) and instead of making the announcement themselves, the Nintendo World employees sent Rockefeller Center security out to intimidate the crowd into dispersing. It was surreal - on what should have been Nintendo World’s finest day, they were closing early and sending out fake police to scare away their customers.

Nintendo not managing their own store = stupid.