Free home run tacos, several strings attached

posted by Jason Kottke   Oct 24, 2006

As part of a World Series promotion, Taco Bell will give away a free taco to everyone in the United States if someone hits a home run over the left field wall in tonight’s game 3. This is a big offer for a big company so of course their lawyers want to make darn sure that we know precisely what “Taco Bell” means when they say “home run”, “left field”, and “free taco” with an extensive list of terms and conditions. Surely the first legal document containing the phrase “a completely outside the bun idea”, the T&C is a fun read, but my favorite is the first condition that you agree to if you take advantage of the offer:

…to release, Major League Baseball Properties, Inc., Major League Baseball Enterprises, Inc., MLB Advanced Media, L.P., MLB Media Holdings, Inc., MLB Media Holdings, L.P., MLB Online Services, Inc., the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball, and the Major League Baseball Clubs, and each of their respective shareholders, employees, parents, directors, officers, affiliates, representatives, agents, successors, and assigns (hereinafter, “MLB Entities”) and Sponsor and their affiliates, subsidiaries, retailers, sales representatives, distributors and franchisees, and each of their officers, directors, employees and agents (“Promotional Parties”), from any and all liability, loss or damage incurred with respect to participation in this contest and/or the awarding, receipt, possession, and/or use or misuse of any Free Taco

Man, I really hope someone hits a left field home run tonight. I’m dying to see some creative misuse of free tacos.