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If it’s the last thing I ever do

Paul notes that a lot of people and organizations are vowing to do things in the news these days. Here’s a current sampling from Google News:

Uganda: Museveni vows to fight corruption
Family vows to fight futile-care law
Blair vows smooth handover
Dumars vows to keep top defender Wallace in fold
Bush vows to boost efforts to end Darfur killings
Ontario vows full-time work for all nursing graduates
China Vows to Close Unsafe Coal Mines
Magician Vows to Complete Aquarium Stunt
Sutherland vows to keep making 24
Vodafone Vows to Slash Roaming Charges By 40%
China’s Pearl River Smells, but Mayor Vows to Swim

People are doing a lot of urging in the news too:

Prescott urges Labour to avoid “war”
China urges to repatriate “Eastern Turkistan” terrorist suspects
Brussels urges 2007 declaration to break EU constitution deadlock
Report urges support for parents with learning difficulties
Bush urges larger UN role in Darfur
Roche Urges Care Against Online Counterfeit Tamiflu
Day urges Canadians to stock up for crisis

Leave it to President Bush to both vow and urge in the same headline: “Bush urges UN role in peacekeeping and vows to expedite aid”.

Update: Nathaniel asks, where’s the slamming? Here it is:

Comptroller report slams health system, police and NII
Traffic chief slams taxi fare bungle
Bangla author slams Dhaka
Cardinal Slams ‘Da Vinci’ ‘Disrespect’
Navratilova slams Czech Pres. as anti-gay
UN slams attack on aid worker

Update: Matthew sends in word of “smacks” in the news:

Holliday smacks two homers to lead Rockies over St. Louis
SCOTUS smacks down anti-choicers
Warren Smacks Broadway
Venice smacks Seminole in region opener
Another Zero-Day Bug Smacks IE
Let’s be clear: Bypassing Bush smacks of stupidity
Cox’s recent Wal-Mart battle smacks of political posturing
Fish Jumps in Boat, Smacks Woman’s Face

And Chris offers “blasts” news:

Cameron blasts ‘sexy’ children’s clothes stores
Iran’s Leader Blasts US, Calls Democracy a Failure
Trade Group Blasts Massachusetts Call For Office Plug-In
McInally blasts new SFL play-offs
Dean McDermott’s Ex-Wife Blasts Him & Tori
Sheehan blasts war, Bush at Town Hall
Environmentalist blasts bug spray

Awaiting the invitable “vows urges blasts slams smacks” headline…