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OPENSTUDIO was announced at the conference today

OPENSTUDIO was announced at the conference today by John Maeda. Keith sez about the project: “described as an experiment in creativity, collaboration, and capitalism, Open Studio is designed to simplify tools for the creative process and provide a pseudo-currency model for tool use and sharing.” Gotta go check this one out in the Media Lab space here.

Reader comments

asdfSep 16, 2005 at 10:15PM

Yes, considering how vague that site is (but hey, "Made at MIT", give me a fucking break), it's impossible to tell. I saw Maeda lecture not long ago, and he talked about it a bit then. It's apparently an attempt to do two staggeringly hard things at once: 1) produce web-based versions of professional graphics software like Photoshop, and 2) produce new open-source versions of same.

I'd rather they evolved some of the existing stuff they've started, like DBN and Processing, and the excellent courseware they released along with those, rather than tackle this quite difficult project so secretly.

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