Me and You and Everyone We Know

posted by Jason Kottke   Jun 20, 2005

We checked out the critically acclaimed Me and You and Everyone We Know (blog) on the opening weekend of the IFC Center here in NYC. The Center occupies the former Waverly Theatre space on 6th Avenue, right across the street from the basketball court on West 4th Street.

The auditorium we were in doesn?t have stadium seating like most newer theaters do, but the sound was great and they?ve got digital projection (which was a little surprising). And they don?t show any commercials before the show starts (and the manager says there never will be), but they did have a film short and one brief preview. However, the butter from the concession stand only comes in two baffling flavors to top your popcorn: rosemary flavor and truffle flavor. We opted for the truffle and quickly wished we?d done without?popcorn that tastes like a side of mushrooms with your chicken breast is pretty yucky. Stick with the basics, gang.

There were also some folks from the projectionists union picketing outside the theater, alleging that the IFC Center was employing non-professional projectionists. I don?t know if that?s true or not, but for our showing last night, the person pressing play on the HD rig in our auditorium seemed to know what they were doing.