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Things may be a little slow around these parts today…I’m upgrading my laptop to Tiger. The actual install will probably only take around 30 minutes, but the messing about with all the new features might take the rest of the day.

I’ve also been switching a few things around on the site and will be doing a bit more of that in the next few days hopefully. If you find something that isn’t working or looks a little weird (the font sizes were all messed up on the PC the other day), drop me a note.

Update: Still trying to upgrade. Looks like my hard drive has some issues that cannot be repaired. I may have to erase it. :( I’m cold and frightened and I need a hug. More later (hopefully).

Update #2: Yesterday I descended into hell, my friends. From what I can gather, there seems to be something physically wrong with my hard drive, yet not enough for it to actually stop working (yet). Disk Utilities couldn’t do anything with it and neither could Disk Warrior. My struggles yesterday involved trying to create a disk image of my drive on another machine (via Firewire), erasing my drive in such a way that it cordons off the bad bits of the drive from future use, dumping that disk image back onto my machine, and then finally upgrading to Tiger. Unfortunately, some mysterious failure occurred and I didn’t even make it through step 1. So who knows if Tiger will ever pounce its way onto my hard drive. It ain’t looking good.