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Final call for micropatrons

posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 17, 2005

Well, it’s been about three weeks and it’s time to wind down the kottke.org fund drive. This is your last chance to contribute to the fiscal health of kottke.org before the fund drive ends at noon ET on Friday (3/18). If you haven’t contributed, here’s the place to go to do that. If you still need some convincing, perhaps another look at my introductory post, the list of my business influences, or the list of gifts available to some lucky micropatron who has contributed $30 or more will get that wallet flexing.

So yeah, after Friday I’ll post a wrap-up (because I’ve gotten lots of queries as to how it’s going), contact the winners of the gifts, and then it’s full-speed ahead, which will be nice because the overhead created by the fund drive, while necessary, has really slowed my progress on other stuff for the site.