Eyebeam fellowship

posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 21, 2005

When I started thinking about taking kottke.org full-time, one of the things I wanted to do was not work out of my apartment most of the time. But office/work space in NYC is expensive and I figured I wouldn’t have room in the budget for it. There was also the matter of the proper environment. I just didn’t want to exchange working alone in my apartment for working alone in an office. A smallish workplace with like-minded folks focused on similar projects was my goal.

So, I’m pleased to report that starting sometime later this month, I will be an Eyebeam R&D Senior Fellow for the next year or so. Eyebeam aims to be a center for art and technology and with recent projects like Fundrace, ForwardTrack, and ReBlog, there’s quite a bit of overlap in what Eyebeam and I are interested in. They are not supporting me financially and I won’t be officially working on any projects for them, but I will be working in their new R&D space in Chelsea. The hope is I’ll not only have a physical place to work but that both parties will benefit from my presence in that space. That is, if some of their chocolate gets into my peanut butter (and vice versa), that would be a good thing.

So thanks to Eyebeam for their support of my personal digital exploration and am looking forward to working with the other researchers, artists, and fellows. Here’s their post on the subject.