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I participate in a forum with a few friends where we discover new music together. A couple of weeks ago, someone posted about a song by Kelly Clarkson, former American Idol winner. I was busy so I didn’t pay it much mind…and also, American Idol!??…how good could the song really be?

But then over the next two weeks, these supposed indie rock fiends kept talking about this pop song, how it was the best thing ever, and I was just like, wtf? and all annoyed with them for being dumb. News broke that Ted Leo had covered the song at a recent show and you can imagine the excitement that generated in indie land. When a copy of the covered song was produced, I finally caved and listened to both versions of the song. After two listens of each, I still didn’t get it. What the hell is wrong with my friends?

This morning as I stumbled out of bed and into the shower, I’m humming a little tune. Couldn’t figure out exactly what it was though…I was still shaking the sleep from my body and wasn’t really paying attention. Still humming. Hmmm, catchy. Then. About halfway through my shower, in my best Ted Leo-esque falsetto:

“Since u been gone…”

Followed quickly by, in a very loud voice:

“Goddammit! That song!”

The neighbors probably think I’m crazy, and they’re right…my stupid brain is nuts for this song. I’m not saying Since U Been Gone is good, but it certainly is catchy and I can’t help but like the damn thing. Merlin, Matt, Lia, Anil, and Kathryn, I owe each of you a sock in the face for introducing me to this maddeningly infectious crap. A pox on your iPods! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to concentrate on mustering up the necessary courage to unclick the “repeat one song” button on iTunes.