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Better living through dentistry

posted by Jason Kottke   Oct 29, 2004

Maybe it’s the vicodin talking, but I’m really wanting to share with all you beautiful people the aftermath of getting my wisdom teeth yanked out.

1. Yay, vicodin!

2. I’m running out of spoons. Everything I’ve eaten the last two days has been in the so-called “liquid food” group.

3. I’ve been pondering the nutritive value of pudding. How long can one eat a diet consisting only of Swiss Miss Chocolate Pudding and Haagen Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream before dying of malnutrition? If I don’t survive my liquid diet, a loved one armed with my MT username and password will let you know the answer in a few days.

4. The left side of my face looks like Muhammad Ali and I went a few rounds in the ring. Well, maybe only a few seconds. He floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee…I cried like a baby and ran like a frightened child. Point is, I have a swollen left jaw and a lopsided face.

5. Been watching lots of movies. God bless cable television and TiVo. Wish I still had Netflix tho.

6. I can use my laptop while lying down. If I had a bed and laptop at work, I’d probably be there. The loss of work productivity in the US by workers recovering from wisdom teeth removal due to a lack of beds in the office must be staggering.

7. I haven’t had to worry about the religious discussion of database normalization happening elsewhere on this site. A helpful side effect of all this pain and pudding consumption.