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Web 2.0, Day Two Plus

posted by Jason Kottke   Oct 07, 2004

Jot - Bringing structured data to wikis. Actually let’s not use the word wiki, because Jot isn’t that. It’s part Word, part Excel, part database, but deployed through a Web browser and published as Web content (as well as email and probably in other ways as time goes on). If you had asked me a year and a half ago what software I would like to build if I had the money, time, and programming chops to do it, a wiki-ish program with structured data capability where you don’t have to worry about people learning the wiki-ish formatting syntax would have been near the top of the stack. (The last remaining big wiki problem is that the fundamental unit of wikis is the page. Wikis need to be less dependant on the page (think chunks instead, like weblog posts)…TiddlyWiki is a good step in this direction.)

Rojo - Sigh. This is moving toward what Kinja was supposed to be.

I stupidly left the music panel yesterday before Danger Mouse could drop some science about the music industry:

Artists are responsible, because for some reason we think we should be millionaires for making people smile. But I don’t worry too much, because it will be over soon. There won’t be a market for making people smile because kids will just do it for free.

Thanks to Veen for the quote (visit his post for another good DM quote.)

Mary Meeker - Don’t forget about China. There is huge Web/mobile/gaming business going on in China right now. If you believe Jared Diamond’s hunch (which I do), the so-called dominance of Western Civilization in the world is just a blip on the radar as far as China’s actual dominant position goes.