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Tim Shey on reblogging

Tim Shey on reblogging. So many of these observations apply to blogging in general that it makes me wonder: what’s the difference between blogging and reblogging?

Reader comments

Tim SheyOct 04, 2004 at 10:41AM

My guess: very little, soon. One-click reblogging doesn't seem far off as a mainstream feature for weblogs. But there's something freeing about feeling able to repost without the need for commentary.

What I've wondered is, will some people start to mind being reblogged? Those with a creative commons licenses that allow modification w/ attribution would mind, but I can see a day coming where we might want the reblog plugin to automatically check that the licenses don't prohibit modification or reuse.

Tim SheyOct 04, 2004 at 10:43AM

-- sorry, should have been:

Those with creative commons licenses that allow modification w/ attribution wouldn't mind...

Tom MoodyOct 04, 2004 at 12:14PM

I don't have a list of RSS feeds for my personal blog, and I rarely pass along links without my two (or three or four) cents, so for me reBlogging was doing what some bloggers do already. Tim's description of what he did, design-wise, is something I tried to do on the reBlog, too--you have a lot of (previously regurgitated) info at your fingertips, so you think more about flow. Since I left reBlogging, though, I've returned to my decelerated, navel-gazing mode.

bev tangOct 04, 2004 at 3:57PM

on the one hand, reblogging relieves the reblogger of the responsibility of what is written ("it's not my writing, i just reblogged it"). however, i realized that i started changing the entries i reblog, most commonly the titles but sometimes to the point of completely rewriting/requoting/cutting up the original entry and still keeping the "reblogged by..." subheading. relating back to my point on Tom Moody's site's comment about how reblogging is like DJing, but for information/memes, i think editing the reblogs or even just commenting on them is like remixing. so if you think of reblogging as remixing, there's a lot you can do with the original blog entry - if you're not lazy at doing it, that is (like i am sometimes :-/ ).

jfrankOct 05, 2004 at 9:09AM

I enjoy the art of exposing oneself and others to the right sources of information. That, of course, is what Xblogging is all about, and as almost any of the readers at this site probably know, that's much trickier than it sounds.

I find reBlogging interesting because of the "dedicated" nature of the filtering person to the task of xBlogging. At this point, when the information density makes imperative for anyone to control how inmersive is his or her information exposure, to be invited to lose that grip for a while, clears the path for very interesting mind walks.

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