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Some Ken Jennings news

Warning: spoilers. I received a tip about Ken Jennings this morning which I have pasted below in black-on-black text. If you don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of Jeopardy for the next few days/weeks, don’t read it. If you want to read it, just highlight the text in your browser. Those reading the site in newsreaders, you’ll just have to close your eyes or something. So here’s the scoop:

I was at the taping today of Jeopardy. He lost during his 75th game and eventually won 74 games. He ended up with 2.5M. He got a standing ovation by the crowd. I asked the studio if this was supposed to be a secret but they said we could spread the news. Spread the news. The show should air around the end of October.

Don’t know how accurate this is because it’s uncorroborated, so grain of salt, etc. Thanks to Phillip for the tip.

Update: I’ve got independent corroboration from another reader on the above news, so I consider it to be correct. Thx Carol. TV Week and Newsday are reporting it as well. But you heard it here first, baby!

Update #2: Posted some information about the airdate of Ken’s loss.