The Final Jeopardy of Ken Jennings

posted by Jason Kottke Sep 09, 2004

Warning: spoilers. Well, since it's all over the news today (there's an AP story that was picked up by just about everyone — USA Today, SF Gate, Miami Herald, Washington Post — but no love to kottke.org for breaking the story...TV Week is getting all the credit), there's no further harm in revealing that Ken Jennings does in fact lose on Jeopardy at some point in the near future.

But there's more. Super-tipster Phillip has graciously provided us with the Final Jeopardy answer and question from Ken's final show. If you'd like to know what it is, highlight the redacted text below:

Subject: Companies and Corporations. The Answer: This company has a workforce of 17000 people, whose average working year is only 4 months long.

Hard to believe Ken couldn't guess that one. I'll have the correct question for you tomorrow. [I've been asked to hold off posting the question for now...sorry! I'm not trying to be a tease, honest.]

Update: Still more information about Ken's final show from our man Phillip, who will pretty much be the first one in line if kottke.org ever starts handing out knighthoods. Sayeth Phillip:

"As well, you can also post that Ken Jennings got the two Daily Doubles in Double Jeopardy during his losing game. In both, he bet $4000 and lost both. Had he not bet so high or had he won at least 1 (I hear he has a propensity to lose a lot at the Daily Doubles) then he would still be champion today."

"The champ who beat him is named Sharon and she is from Ventura, CA. As far as I remember she won $14,401. which was $1 more than Ken had before he revealed his losing answer to Final Jeopardy. Ken ended up having less than $10000 after losing."

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, TVWeek!

Update: Posted some information about the airdate of Ken's loss.