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New iPods to be publicized in out-of-the-ordinary fashion

Think Secret says Apple is introducing the new models of the standard iPod on Monday (contrary to an earlier announcement). More interesting is this little puzzler:

Apple will not announce the new models through a press event, though Think Secret has learned that the announcement will be delivered through an out-of-the-ordinary publicity medium.

An “out-of-the-ordinary publicity medium”? Said medium is either a weblog (a new Apple blog? one of the many iPod news sites? Engadget or Gizmodo?), skywriting, with chalk from the back of a bicycle, or a free concert in Central Park by Prince.

Update: Or perhaps the cover of Newsweek? Not sure how that’s out of the ordinary. (thx Ryan)

Further update: Predictably, Gizmodo and Engadget both have the Newsweek cover as their top story. Can you tell which one of the gadget sites is which? (I’ve removed the logos from the screenshots…and this is a mostly rhetorical questions…I don’t need your answers via email.) And while we’re on the subject, based on the latest stats, how long before Nick moves all his Gawker properties over to porn? Fawker, Boinkette, and Jismodo anyone?