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Security at Friendster either not a priority or a big concern

A small update on my recent policy post, wherein I quote a Friendster rep saying in a Wired article:

We have a policy that we are not being hacked. Security isn’t a priority for us. We’re mostly focused on making the site go faster.

A couple of readers pointed out that in the article I linked to, the text actually read:

We have a policy that we are not being hacked. Security is a big concern. We haven’t seen this problem, though. No complaints about it.

The statement I quoted in last week’s post was from the print version of the online article, which I suspect is the original version. At some point, it seems that Friendster realized the braindead aspect of the original and got Wired to change it. Does anyone have the paper copy of the June 2004 version of Wired to compare? Contact me if you do.

Update: Several people wrote in to say that the paper version of the article did indeed contain the “security isn’t a priority for us” version of the quote. Scott has a scan of the text. (Thx, everyone.)

Also, I got this dumb SuperFriends email from Friendster. Why are some small/medium-sized companies in such a hurry to act like big stupid companies?