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ForwardTrack and Tom’s Petition

Eyebeam has launched their latest project, ForwardTrack. It’s a system for diseminating petitions that not only keeps track of who supports the petition, but how that support has developed. The description from the site:

ForwardTrack is a new system created by Eyebeam R&D designed to promote on-line activism. The system tracks and maps the diffusion of email forwards, political calls-to-action, and petitions. Our goal is to help people understand decentralized networks and see the power of “6 degrees of separation.” ForwardTrack technology helps prove that one person can make a difference.

FowardTrackIt’ll be interesting to see if petitions are more viral when people can see exactly how they’ve made a difference in spreading the message. The first project they’ve set up is Tom’s Petition, an effort to renew the national Assault Weapons Ban which automatically expires at the end of the summer. If you’d be interested in signing this petition (or in seeing a neat map detailing how I got signed up and how many people I’ve signed up), you can go to my Personal Petition Page and enter your name, zip, and email address to get the petition sent to you. When you forward that email back to Tom, I’ll get credit for introducing you to the petition. You can forward the petition to friends, family, etc. and, if you’ve got a Web site, also point people toward your Personal Petition Page.