Free Culture in 100 words

posted by Jason Kottke   Apr 06, 2004

Since no one has the time to read books anymore, I used the text version of Lessig's new book, Free Culture, and Word's AutoSummary feature (like I did with the Matrix thread) to produce a ~100 word summary of the 368 page book:

The copyright warriors are right: A copyright is a kind of property. First, about copyright. That copyright is their property. America copied English copyright law. Actually, we copied and improved English copyright law. In 1790, Congress enacted the first copyright law.
"Copies." Obviously, however, some uses of a copyrighted book are regulated by copyright law. It is therefore regulated by copyright law. The law of copyright is extremely efficient. Obviously, copyright law is not the enemy. Copyright law is one such law.
Extending copyright terms pays.
The law extended the terms of copyright generally.
Copyright is a brake.
I believe in the law of copyright.

Sounds like Rain Man explaining copyright. Here are some other versions of Free Culture, made possible by its release under a Creative Commons license:

- PDF from the author himself
- Paul Bausch's random quote generator
- collaborative audiobook
- wiki