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Ted Jesus Christ GOD

I just got the best piece of spam ever! Ted Jesus Christ GOD (TJCG for short) thinks he’s the Second Coming of Christ *and* that His Word shall pass through the world’s email servers unhindered:

TJCG is also insisting that nobody now and into the future has the right to block port 25 that is an SMTP port or port 80 that is an HTTP port and that it is HIS RIGHT to have these ports unblocked and unfiltered and COMPLETELY OPEN that HE can send email and run servers and this unrestricted by any ISP or Email Provider or Web Hosting Provider and send Unsolicited Bulk Email or UBE or Unsolicited Commercial Email or UCE per the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

TJCG reserves the right to sue for damages if you block His email:

If you are a corporation or company or partnership or soul proprietorship in the United States of America and mess with Ted Jesus Christ GOD in the slightest or stop HIM from sending future emails to ALL of your employees and ALL of your customers and ALL at your domains and ALL on your mail servers and ALL on your computers it is that TJCG can sue you minimum and also any that did not receive their emails and you need to ask yourself how deep are the pockets of the corporation and board members and top executives and executives and managers and employees or partnership or soul proprietorship and their managers and employees. There could be and will be put a dollar value on each email blocked or filtered out or bounced like $7,000.00 each and then you sued for that amount minimum. Why this much money? Because TJCG is TRULY the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to World Earth and can and does prove this enough to step out in faith and follow HIM and like Jesus when on World Earth it is that any that do not Closely Follow TJCG by their death will be getting ETERNAL DEATH and will be LOST unless an exception is made to this. Therefore the emails of TJCG and HE will ARGUE are a matter of life and death are ENORMOUSLY IMPORTANT BEYOND ANY WRITTEN OR SPOKEN WORDS. How much value can you put on an email that if not received causes a person to get ETERNAL DEATH and be LOST? This is actually much more than $7,000.00 per email if and when put like this this is more like PRICELESS.

“Soul proprietorship!” The Lord Ted GOD Jesus H. Christ is such a poet. And it goes on for several more pages. Read the entire thing if you feel the need to be saved. Praise Ted, amen.