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O’Reilly to publish a hacking lifestyle magazine?

Women’s Wear Daily is reporting on a proposed magazine by O’Reilly called Make (links mine):

Even O’Reilly, the favorite book publisher of geeks everywhere, is thinking of jumping into the DIY pool. It’s exploring the idea of a publication called Make that would be the anti-Cargo โ€” the latter tells its readers which DVD player to buy, while the proposed one would tell its own how to rip that DVD player open and hack it. As uncommercial as it sounds, the project has attracted help from some big names in tech publishing circles: former Industry Standard chief executive officer John Battelle and former Boing Boing editor Mark Frauenfelder.

Sounds like ReadyMade for the hacker set. If they get the first issue out by the end of the year, I can add it to my reading list.