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Belkin Media Reader for the iPod

Belkin Media Reader for the iPod. Use your iPod as a portable storage device for your digital photos.

Reader comments

heatherMar 08, 2004 at 3:24PM

I bought the Media Reader a few weeks ago. We recently took it to Mexico with us. Worked like a charm for me, though D repeatedly had trouble as it would get stuck on an image and fail. Curious as we use the same camera and the same 1 gig card.

jkottkeMar 08, 2004 at 3:27PM

1 gig card? My god. With my antiquated 3 megapixel camera and a 1 gb card, I wouldn't need the media reader.

Joel LeoMar 08, 2004 at 4:12PM

I have used it a few times works pretty well, to bad the ipod can not display them. I bought mine for only $50 using a belkin half price coupon, not a bad deal. Can not wait to put it to the test when I go to europe

JRMar 08, 2004 at 4:47PM

Too bad it works only on later-model iPods. I've got a first generation 10GB iPod, and unlike the computer it connects to, I thought I would use it for ten years. I'll wait to replace it until Apple releases the sixth-generation iPod in 2010, with cell phone, credit card and Homeland Security bracelet built in.

Buzz AndersenMar 08, 2004 at 6:59PM

Too bad the thing is as big as (or bigger than, I can't remember) the iPod itself. I think that really limits its value as a portable mass photo storage solution. You almost might as well have a laptop, IMHO.

monkeyinaboxMar 09, 2004 at 2:33AM

Makes me wish I had an iPod, a better digital camera & a plane ticket to somewhere beautiful!

heatherMar 09, 2004 at 9:51AM

buzz, i don't know... two items smaller (the ipod and the reader) than cigarette packs are far less of a pain than a laptop and then necessary power supply. the media reader weighs almost nothing and the chord tucks into itself -- i see no limit in value at all (except when it kept crapping out).

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