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Silencing DePodesta

Reader Jason (no relation) just alerted me to CSFB removing the Thought Leader Forum piece by Paul DePodesta which influenced my recent post about innovation. It seems that DePodesta’s recent hiring as the GM for the Dodgers prompted the move, perhaps because they don’t want Paul giving away too many trade secrets. (What’s next? A Moneyball recall?) The version in Google’s cache has been updated already and I can’t find the article on the Wayback Machine…does anyone have a copy from their browser cache that they can email to me? The filename is “depodesta_sidecolumn.shtml” from the “” domain. Thanks.

Update: A copy of DePodesta’s Thought Leader Forum article is available here. A similar article, mentioned in the ESPN piece above, is available here. Thanks to Jason and Richard for the links.

Further update: Paul emailed me and asked me to remove the articles from my site, which I have done (I’m leaving the links to the offsite versions). Nothing to do with the Dodgers…he personally wants to keep a lower profile these days.