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Snackster is a P2P recipe sharing app

Snackster is a P2P recipe sharing app.

Reader comments

anthonyJan 30, 2004 at 5:30PM

awesome. time to go 'borrow' all the copyrighted recipes from and start sharing them. omg did i just say that?

citizenJan 30, 2004 at 8:15PM

let's see google to find a recipe that is in text or use a p2p app... maybe this is surprising to others? google is more convenient for me.

spygeekJan 30, 2004 at 8:59PM

citizen: What I like is that it provides a place to store your own recipes, or ones that you find yourself googling over and over.

The other thing is, many people tweak recipes. How many times do you see reviews at that read "this recipe was great when I added 2x the amount of flour, took out the cream and used honey instead of sugar." I'd like a place where people record recipes that really work for them.

BenJan 30, 2004 at 11:39PM

I hear it will use BitTorrent to share the electricity of your Cuisinart across the network.

LesterJan 31, 2004 at 8:01AM

Mac users like to cook too!

spygeekJan 31, 2004 at 11:06PM

Lester: You aren't missing much. The software hasn't been updated since 3/03 and the server was down when I tried to sign up for an account. Still, I like the idea.

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