Pinging woes

posted by Jason Kottke Jan 23, 2004

Whenever I post an entry to this site, a ping is (supposedly) sent to four different places (weblogs.com, Technorati, blo.gs, and Blog Chatter) that says, "hey, I've updated my site". That way, people can use these services to stop by only when there's something new to read.

The problem is that these services have not been working correctly lately. According to my MT activity log, weblogs.com times out more often than not (or doesn't accept two pings within a half hour of each other, which is a problem for me because I update my remaindered links more often than that at times), blo.gs either times out or doesn't accept pings because my "weblog hasn't changed" (presumably because adding a remaindered link doesn't change the page enough for it to count), and Technorati has been getting worse as well, timing out more often than it used to. It would be nice to have an adaptive, decentralized ping service that would be reliable and flexible enough to stop ping spam while letting legitimate pings through.

Update: I got email from the folks responsible for Technorati and blo.gs. Technorati's infrastructure is currently undergoing an upgrade and should be more responsive soon. blo.gs had the settings for one of my weblogs misconfigured, but that has been corrected and it's now pinging fine. I took a closer look at the MT activity log and found that I had been confused about how often blo.gs was timing out...turns out it hardly ever does and I have corrected the text above accordingly.