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Spoiler-filled timeline of the rumored plot of

Spoiler-filled timeline of the rumored plot of Star Wars Episode III.

Reader comments

Dave S.Dec 10, 2003 at 5:06PM

My first thought is "Don't click that link, don't click that link, don't click that link."

My second thought is, whatever. It's gotta be better than Revolutions.

My third thought is, Peter Jackson is an absolute genius.

djDec 10, 2003 at 5:14PM


BobDec 11, 2003 at 3:26PM

All I can say is that sounds friggin awesome!

CheshireDec 11, 2003 at 5:29PM

Seems like Lucas should just throw out the first two films and make IIIa, IIIb, and IIIc the prequel trilogy. Oh, and get Peter Jackson to direct them.

CheapBastardDec 11, 2003 at 8:42PM

Here's a spoiler for all Star Wars fans... To quote Triumph the insult comic dog "You will die alone"

CraniacDec 14, 2003 at 9:25AM

Anyone hear that NPR piece on Peter Jackson's early splattercore films? Kinda funny.

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