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Saddam captured

If you haven’t heard yet, Saddam Hussein has been captured alive in Iraq. He was found in a farmhouse near Tikrit, in a “spider hole” (basically a small cellar). At the press conference announcing the capture, L. Paul Bremer, the head US civilian administrator in Iraq, said, “We got him” and the assembled crowd cheered as Bremer held back tears.

Update: Unsurprisingly, the small but particularly vocal segment of the blogos-whatever that can be identified by their non-ironic use of the word anti-idiotarian, is asserting that there is only one right reaction to Saddam’s capture and any other possible opinion is incorrect. It’s a toss-up these days as to whose coverage of current events is worse, cable news or that of weblogs. Fox News may have Bill O’Reilly, but reading the weblog coverage lately is like watching 1000 cable channels at once, each with their own O’Reilly arguing with all the other O’Reillys. Warblogs, you’ve jumped the shark. Next!