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Mad lib the classics

Customized Classics takes novels & stories that have passed into the public domain (A Christmas Carol, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Alice in Wonderland, among others) and prints personalized paperback versions of them on demand…”starring YOU!” Instead of “Call me Ishmael” or “Oh Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?”, you could get “Call me Jason” or even “Oh G. Gordon Liddy, G. Gordon Liddy! Wherefore art thou G. Gordon Liddy?” They’ve even modified Romeo and Juliet to make a “happy ending” version:


[Romeo and Juliet awaken, rubbing their eyes]

Romeo: What uncommon commotion stirs these folk? Ah, blessed apothecary, whose potion miss’d its mark!

Juliet: And perhaps ‘twas the keenness of mine love that hath dulled the dagger’s blade.

Romeo: What sayest thou we hasten to Verona?

Juliet: Come, prince, love, husband, shining angel! Let’s leave this cold sepulchre for Verona’s warm embrace.

[Exeunt Romeo and Juliet hand in hand]

This is exactly the type of thing that gets Michael Eisner’s panties in a wad w.r.t. Mickey Mouse, but I think it’s fantastic. (thx Jenn)