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Use the Squeezebox to wirelessly stream mp3

Use the Squeezebox to wirelessly stream mp3s from your PC to your stereo system.

Reader comments

Dan SumptionNov 18, 2003 at 8:07PM

Or buy a much cheaper Veronica and set up your own in-house radio station.

dowingbaNov 19, 2003 at 2:55PM

If I were to spend that kind of money on mp3 devices, I'd be going iPod all the way. iPods can even plug into your home stereo, I hear tell.

Nathan PitmanNov 27, 2003 at 4:16AM

I bought myself a Slimp3 a few months back, it is truly awesome, and this new 'Squeezebox' looks even better, incorporating a wireless connection by default. iPod might plug into your home stereo, but the Slim devices unit does a splendid job of being a permanent solution. It has a high spouse approval rating (My wife just loves it) and looks the dogs bollards.

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