Ride the LOTR-themed Middle Earth Shuttle today in NYC

posted by Jason Kottke   Nov 18, 2003

Ride the LOTR-themed Middle Earth Shuttle today in NYC.

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MathewNov 18, 2003 at 11:11AM

I'd like to see photos of that

jkottkeNov 18, 2003 at 11:32AM

The press release says that there are to be no non-press photography, but I'm heading over there in a bit and will try to get a few pics on the sly.

Stefan JonesNov 18, 2003 at 12:24PM

If you're beaten up and dragged away by Jack Valenti's IP heat, we'll bring you a nice cassarole* as soon as we find out what jail you're in.

*One with a file in it.

jkottkeNov 18, 2003 at 1:16PM

Just got back from Grand Central, and the M-E Shuttle has to be the lamest promotion ever. We got there around 12:35 and there was a line, so we got in it. Far down the platform, I could see a few spindly vines wrapped around some columns. No one in costume that I could see. About ten minutes later, the police officers (present, I assumed, to protect us from the orcs) informed the line that the promotion was over and if we needed to take the shuttle over to Times Square, we could use one of the other trains. One of the people turned away was a guy with a press pass and a video camera. New Line, your PR sucks...that's pretty bad to turn away press from a promotion.

liaNov 18, 2003 at 2:20PM

I wish I'd read your post before I went downtown, my friend YiMay told me about it last week and asked me to go. I got there at 1:15 since it was advertised at ending at 1:30, but the MTA was already cleaning up and there was nothing left to see except twigs.

How stupid to hold a PR event in a public place and have it end much earlier advertised, or one where people can't take photos to share with their friends to raise the hype. Slightly less stupid but still dumb is the decision to have it in one of the few spaces in this day and age where people don't have wireless reception, so they can't call or message their friends and get a smart mob going. New Line, your PR really does suck.

rachellebNov 18, 2003 at 3:49PM

good. i dont feel bad about missing it now!

JenNov 19, 2003 at 1:23PM

Apparently they were giving out DVDs, ran out, then closed the promotion early. More at Gothamist.

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