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Feeling bad about downloading music? Send your

Feeling bad about downloading music? Send your mp3s back to the RIAA..

Reader comments

Jesse D.Mar 16, 2004 at 11:51AM

This site is the funniest site I have ever seen. You expect me to Change the code of an MP3 to make myself feel better about myself. You have me burn a CD (the very thing you said is bad) and MAIL it to our local RIAA. HEH, and the pictures you have for this site make me laugh, having people at school (one of which is equiped with a mullet) obviously an 80' maybe early 90', like they downloaded music... Well now that I have my rant out of the way it's time to lay some facts on ya.

Did you know that people have been illegally recording copyrighted music since the creation of the cassette tape? Ya it's true, people would take microphones and hold them to the speakers of their radio while they were recording their favorite song. Then when they came out with dual cassette decks, all heck broke loose. Being able to record full length tapes for your own personal benefit...yep that's also considered illegal! Since it appears that kids are the only ones that download music I'm going to direct this towards my fellow teen. You aren't doing anything wrong. Up and coming bands from around the world get their start on these Peer-to-Peer networks. These no name bands have gotten signed onto a major label and are now making serious money, but wait that doesn't sound right now does it. Because you say that artists lose money from the downloading of music. But with these pay to download sites, no one is going to spend money to listen to someone they don't even know about. So then the problem continues. Think of what you are doing as a statement, telling the record companies that they can't overcharge you for those CD's any longer. Come on, why would anyone buy a CD for 14-17$$$$ when you know that they arent worth that much. When things go on "sale" it just means that the companies are adjusting how much of a profit they are going to bring in. It's no loss when it comes to the price of making these CD's, and its obvious when you see that these Celeb's are driving around in these Cadillacs that you bought for them, When they drive them into their 12 car garage full of more cars, that leads to their house that you again paid for. Then you pay for cable T.V. to watch them on MTV shoving in your face, what you bought for them. Well its time for me to go now, so I hope this comment gets some attention and is not deleted. Thank you for your time, and all I ask is that you take a different look at the subject.

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